Vulnerable Person Rooms

The Vulnerable Person Room (VPR) is a robust, efficient and compassionate solution to the management of  violence and aggression without the prohibitive costs of capital investment in rebuilding.

The VPR has been designed in the same modular fashion as our other products. In can be installed into existing space in a short space of time. It can be used to protect and monitor prisoners who have been deemed vulnerable and in need of additional observation.

The VPR has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to create a safe, ligature free and monitored environment to protect service users and your
staff from the risks associated with prolonged use of physical restraint in situations where patient aggression has escalated to violence.

This modular room is built inside an existing room or space on your estate, creating a safe therapeutic environment but with the highest level of security.

The VPR is classified as 100% ligature free. It is fully monitored using state of the art CCTV and audio recording to protect staff and subjects.

The VPR is lined with high performance Altro Whiterock (TM) PVC wall cladding solution. This can be supplied in a variety of calming colours or imprinted with a variety of photo quality images, creating a relaxing space.