Safe Healthcare bespoke rooms

Designed to offer you a robust option when meeting the exacting requirements of health and safety best practice, providing a Safe Space, our bespoke room design is a completely flexible, modular solution that comes with a 'ligature free' guarantee. 

With applications across the health and social care industries, contact us to visit and let us outline a bespoke solution to your requirements. Through our partnerships, we can address your needs with our robust rooms in the finish of your choice, allowing your Safe Heathcare room to match your estate finish, making it a service-user friendly resource, whilst protecting your staff, visitors and all service-users from the risk of injury.

Please contact us, as our Safe room solutions makes a difference to those with vunerable conditions who need compassionate, proportional and importantly, safe accomodation. 

We have willing exsisting Healthcare professionals,who would  like to share their positive experiences as to how our Ligature free modular rooms have provided a new fresh solution for the Healtcare sector.  References available.