Virtual Courts

The use of video links is now a well-established feature of our justice system – and, as the technology improves, we must be ready to take further advantage of it, in the interests of all those who use our courts and tribunals.

The Athelney Group are working a variety of partners including the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and police forces as part of the Viedio Enabled Justice programme led by The Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC).

The Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC) and its strategic criminal justice (CJ) partners in Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent are committed to unite and deliver an embedded joint video solution within Magistrates’ courts across justice agencies to deliver a transformed, modern justice experience for all CJS users and to benefit the taxpayer. We are committed to maximising the benefits of video in the CJ system and it is our joint ambition to deliver the best service to all participants within the system, with swifter access to justice for victims and witnesses, and increased operational efficiencies. The OSPCC with justice partners are also supported by Accenture.

The Athelney Group are proud to be part of the design and development of a variant of our modular, ligature free short term holding cubicle that allows a detained person to have a face-to-face video conference call with a person from a remote location or a police station, in absolute safety and privacy. This includes a suspect making their 'first' in custody appearance from the police station rather than having to be transported to the Court for a 5 minute appearance. The trials include suspects receiving legal advice from a solicitor who does not need to leave their office, through to full trials being held from a range of locations connected by 

Detainees can also have private video consultations with their solicitors from the Safe Video Cubicle, speeding up time for investigators by reducing the waiting times for the arrival of legal representatives. These Cubicles are designed to link to any video conferencing network and are built on CISCO compatible equipment. Contact us to for more information on 0800 0025101.