The Virtual Court Room (VCR)


Each VCR is built ligature free, bespoke to joint requirements, in consultation with your local Judiciary. Fitted with comfortable, fixed bench style seating with robust cushions, the VCR is designed to ensure the safety and accommodation of up to 5 of persons, to include interpreter, dock officer and escorts.

Each VCR is cabled to CISCO compatible standards and is fitted with an externally mounted CISCO DX80 flat screen PC in a cradle, internally viewed through toughened safety glass. Simply operated from outside the room by your staff, once the court session is ready to commence. 

The VCR comes fitted with card reader entry system for both entry and exit, providing a safe, secure and simple to operate door entry system.

The VCR is completely ligature free and can safely hold a disruptive subject, allowing all other persons to withdraw from the room without the need for restraint or risk to others. The minimum dimensions for a VCR are 2250cm tall, 2100 cm wide and 2100 cm deep.

Please call to discuss your individual requirements.