Frocester Group

The Athelney Group are proud to work with the Frocester Group moving forward in 2018. The Frocester Group are innovators in steel fabrication and have expanded into the security market. Famous as the suppliers of Rhino rugby training equipment, they are progressive and operate to the highest and importantly in our case, the most robust quality of production.

Under the direction of Anthony Locke, Frocester have grown into a security, electrical and fire group of companies. They produce products of the highest standards across a range of markets from sports through to aircraft fuel supply equipment.

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The Athelney Group are proud to be working in partnership with Mico Tindall one of Britain’s most renowned manufacturers of high security locks. Mico are the designers and manufacturers of the most secure and robust high security locking systems for blast, ballistic and top level physical security applications.

We are impressed with their flexibility and innovation including making bespoke solutions on our behalf, with delivery in a matter of days.

Check out their video section to see how robust their locks are.

For further information on this great company contact Mark Tailby.

 +44 (0)161 620 0666 Work Work

Address: Tindall Engineering Ltd, Unit 8, Laurel Trading Estate, Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 6LH 

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Specialist Policing Consultancy

Specialist Policing Consultancy is an independent specialist risk and security consultancy. We advise our clients on identifying threats to their businesses and avoiding or mitigating them in a cost effective manner.

Our wide range of experience across diverse sectors has helped our clients deal with challenges across the world. We understand how important your reputation is and we can help you to protect it. We are trusted by our clients to deal with the most sensitive of issues in a totally discreet manner.

Services include consultancy, training, event & crowd management planning and operations management.

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The Athelney Group are proud to work in partnership with National Business Crime Solutions (NBCS).

The NBCS is a not for profit initiative that enables the effective sharing of appropriate data between the police, crime reduction agencies and the business community to reduce crime and risks to all. By gathering data and sharing information across the public and private sectors the NBCS is better able to prevent and detect emerging issues caused by prolific and persistent offenders.

NBCS was formed in 2012 and in 2016 received funding from the Home Office as recognition of the support provided to both businesses and the police in fighting business crime.

The work of NBCS has led to the arrest of over 300 prolific and violent offenders.

However, improving data sharing and developing improved response will result in more prolific offenders being arrested. The SDU provides a safe holing environment for private security to investigate and to conduct a safe managed handover to the police. The SDU will also provide a safe environment for the police to process subjects on the spot leading to a 79% efficiency improvement at not additional cost to the police budget. Everyone’s a winner.

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The ATHELNEY GROUP are proud to be preferred partners with the FSOA. The Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) of England and Wales was formed in 1992 by a small group of Football Safety Officers for Football Safety Officers.

The aim of the Association is to develop and improve all aspects of Stadium Safety including how events are safely managed. However, over the years as Stadium design and facilities for spectators have been improved so has the expectations of the customers (fans) who visit our grounds.  In order to keep pace with these heightened expectations the FSOA has and continues to play a significant part, mainly through the Stewards employed by football Clubs, in improving levels of customer care and quality of service delivery. Attending football matches should be an enjoyable experience irrespective of the match result and Safety Officers through their match day staff will play a significant part in achieving this objective.

To learn more about the FSOA, the services they can deliver and how to contact them for more information about the Association, membership or corporate partnerships.

E-mail  or call the office on 01254 841771.

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The Athelney Group are proud to have FASTASLEEP as suppliers of our cushion seats and bedding for the SDU and VPU range.

The FASTASLEEP range is now supplied to most of the UK’s Police Forces and is exported to police and prison services in Cyprus, The Middle East, The Caribbean and other places around the world. All products are designed and built to the highest quality standards using the best materials available.

The FASTASLEEP range is used successfully throughout the world in many high-risk environments. FASTASLEEP is established and trusted as the product of choice in high security environments. Their team worked closely with us to understand our needs and to introduce new products or improve existing products in response to our unique requirements.

Get in Touch.

Fast Engineering, 5 Windmill Court, Greystone Road, Antrim, N.Ireland  BT41 2TX 

T: +44 (0)28 9442 8686   E:

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Chubb locks custodial

The Athelney Group only use Home Office approved locks on the Safer Detention Unit and our preference is to partner with the primary producer of custodial locks in the UK.

Contact: David Hanson, Project Sales Engineer

Tel: ++44 (0) 1902 364604
Fax: ++44 (0) 1902 364681

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