Operation BIRD - an unmitigated success!

The National Business Crime Solution and Metropolitan Police business crime initiative 'Operation BIRD' took place on May 10th in Central London.

As part of this new initiative, the Athelney Group supplied 3 Safer Detention Units to improve safety and increase prisoner processing capacity for the operation.

A total of 6 prisoners/suspects were temporarily held in SDUs while private security and police conducted identity checks and initial investigations. This was conducted safely and securely as well as methodically.

In one case alone three suspects were arrested on suspicion of theft. A lone Constable attended. In normal circumstances he would have arrested all three suspects, taken them into custody before he could conduct his enquiries and investigation. This could have amounted to over 20 hours of police custody time, three police vehicles for transport, a journey of over an hour to custody and many officers tied up with driving and escort duties.

As a result of the SDU use, the officer conducted individual identity and criminal record checks. He conducted interviews using body worn cameras and obtained admissions from one of the suspects. He was then able to release 2 of the suspects after only 30 minutes and arrested just one but with a full evidence package. While the officer was conducting the interviews, the security officers had completed their statements.

The use of the SDU proved the concept of making the investigation process safer, more efficient and resulted in reduced demands on police.