Police Use - the 100% Ligature free 'Safe Booth'

The 'entry level' Safe Booth is simply a short term holding booth with internal CCTV built in providing a range of uses: 
Reduce waiting times at custody centres and improve visibility and performance. Located at the custody centre, safely hold detainees on arrival, releasing vehicles and officers back to patrol immediately, encouraging early removal of physical restraints to reduce aggression and risk of injury.
The Safe Consultation Booth is built on the Safe Booth, but has the internal CCTV removed for privacy and comes fitted with video conferencing equipment mounted on the exterior of the door. With improved soundproofing, this Booth can be used for PACE reviews with the detained persons consent, and for private legal consultations.
Under development are a Witness Booth and a Virtual Court Room, both of which will also be modular, capable of installation and use on the same day.
Our Booths are low cost, modular, ligature free,  and meet the latest health and safety standards, protecting your organisation, your officers and assuring detainee's rights. They are a completely flexible solution to your estate requirements and can be re-located as your requirements change.
Our Booths can be installed at Ports and Airports securing immigration operations, retail centres, neighbourhood or investigative centres, allowing the majority of low-level offenders to be processed locally, saving significant resources, improving visibility and improving efficiency.
Our products meet the Home office guidelines for ‘Safer Custody’, and have been rigorously tested for escape and resistance to vandalism. Human Rights Compliant, they increase your accountability whilst potentially reducing detention time.
In a retail centre setting, intended for shared use by security staff and police, the Safe Booth brings improved efficiency, supporting local processing of retail theft whilst reducing the risks associated with restraint by security staff, providing a safe and monitored place while officers arrive to investigate
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