Facilities Management, Events and Sporting Stadia

The Safe Booth is the safest and most flexible solution to your estate requirements.

Safe Booths can be installed at retail centres, neighbourhoods or investigative centres, allowing the majority of low-level offenders to be processed locally, saving significant resources, improving visibility and improving efficiency. Meeting the Home office guidelines for ‘Safer Custody’, the Safe Booth has been rigorously tested for escape and resistance to vandalism.

Human Rights Compliant, Safe Booth is proportionate and legal, increasing your accountability whilst reducing your risks.

In a retail centre setting, intended for shared use by security staff and police, the Safe Booth brings improved efficiency, supporting local processing of retail theft whilst reducing the risks associated with restraint by security staff, providing a safe and monitored place while officers arrive to investigate.

In the football industry, clubs could gain massive efficiencies and save money by installing Safe Booths at your ground. Providing stewards and officers the space to safely and securely hold  people in breach of your entry conditions or for criminal offences, without the abstractions of officers returning to a police custody centre. Less abstractions means less officers to pay for. The Safe Booth offers you complete flexibility in safety. 

Similarly, in the events industry, Safe Booths offer a safe and monitored space to hold a person under constant monitoring, keeping them safe whilst a suitable disposal is decided upon.

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