Policing Prisons Borders & Courts

Our base product is the Safe Booth. A short-term ligature free holding booth with internal CCTV built in providing a range of uses including reducing waiting times at custody centres to improve visibility and performance by releasing vehicles and officers back to patrol immediately. An operational evaluation has been successfully conducted by BTP at Euston Station.  

Our Video Enabled Justice, VEJ suite of products have been fully evaluated by Kent Police and are now fully operational. Many Police Forces have been criticised by HMICFRS for an absence of facilities for a detained person to have a truly private consultation. 

The Safe Consultation Booth provides a private, soundproof safe space facilitating a range of communication provisions including (1) initial private consultation by a detained person following arrest, (2) pre-interview private consultations with legal representatives, (3)PACE Supt and Insp reviews, saving travel time and delays for officers, whilst driving up quality by delivery from a single point (subject to detainee consent). 

The Evidence Booth, a bespoke, soundproofed private space from which an officer can provide via live link remote evidence directly to the courts. This booth can be installed in ANY building or space, saving travel time and opportunity costs.

The Virtual Court Room is a larger room, built to provide a private safe space within your estate, where a first remand appearance can be undertaken, or other types of hearing in due course.

For the Prison Service, the Safe Consultation Booth  could potentially provide additional safe holding facilities during reception, searching and could save significant resources whilst reducing risk by removing direct human contact. Imagine the time saved if most legal visits could be conducted over secure video conferencing, without the need for legal representatives to even leave their office?

All our Booth's are modular, costing a fraction of traditionally built rooms and can be constructed either within an existing room or any available space, most of which are not currently fit for purpose. Operational on the day of delivery, our products could revolutionise your service delivery. Minimal operational disruption, no construction debris, not planning permission or building control is required. Our products are fully approved by the Home Office National Police Estates Group (NPEG).

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