2 great new projects with the NHS

The Athelney Group are proud to annonce two new partnership projects for the NHS. The Athehlney Group have been asked to design a range of secure mental health assessment rooms. Using the patented flat pack desigh the Athelney Group are able to 'build' a secure room within a room. This means that previously insecure areas can made into secure spaces to protect staff and service users who may be in crisis.

The Vulnerable Person Unit will maintain the core features with the Safer Detention Unit. It will:

Met Police approve the use of the SDU by police officers

The Metropolitan Police Department of Legal Services have approved the use of the Athelney Group Safer Detention Unit by police. This approval drives forward the exciting prospect of police officers using the SDU to manage prisoners at retail centres, football ground and events across the country.

The approval includes the use of the SDU by police where a private business has installed the product.

New Athelney Group Events brochure launched

The new Athelney Group 'Events' brochure has been launched and is being sent out to prospective clients.

The brochure outlines how the Athelney Group Safer Detention Unit (SDU) can be utilised at large festivals and events where sadly people break the law and cause trouble.

The SDU can be hired out for event management to provide safer ways in which to detain those who present a risk to staff and the other festival goers.

Bernie Gravett interviewed on BBC London News re terrorist attack

Please see BBC London News on iPlayer for the 27th January when Bernie Gravett was interviewed by Nick Beake concerning the horrific terror attack in London last week. Comment was sought from Bernie about counter terrorism options for London. Bernie was formally Divisional Commander for Central Westminster and scene commander for the 21/7 and Tiger, Tiger terrosit attacks.