Bernie Gravett delivers training in Georgia to police, prosecutors and social workers.

Last week Bernie Gravett was honoured to be asked to develope a training programme for police prosecutors and social workers. The training took place over 3 days in Batumi, Georgia.

The programme covered trafficking of children for sexual exploitation, child sexual exploitation, online abuse and grooming methods over moden internet platforms.

Input included recognition and identification of victims, investigation, crime scene examination, forensic evidence collection of digitasl devices and

The contract was awarded by the US State Department and IoM.

Bernie Gravett delivers a speech to the Romanian Parliamentary Commission on human trafficking

On the 26th June 2017 at short notice Bernie Gravett was invited to address the Romanian Parliamentary Commission on countering human trafficking.

Bernie is an accredited expert on Romanian organised crime and human trafficking as was asked to comment on weaknesses in the Romanian criminal justice system and recommendations on how to improve the fight against the crimes of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Bernie Gravett invited to present at the 4TH CONFERENCE: TOGETHER AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING in Bucharest

Bernie Gravett was invited to take part in the 4TH CONFERENCE: “TOGETHER AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING which was held in Bucharest, Romania on the 25th September 2017.

The conference was sponsored by a range of agencies including the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the British Embassy in Bucharest, the Government of Israel, the Kingdom of The Netherlands, the Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest and the United States Embassy in Romania.

Bernie was chosen for his expertise in the field of human trafficking and international police cooperation.

Bernie Gravett published author

Bernie Gravett is a contributing author to the new publication'Using Open Data to Detect Organized Crime Threats (Factors Driving Future Crime)'

Bernie Gravett interview on Buzzfeed News re terrorist attacks

Our Director Bernie Gravett was a former Police Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police. As a Senior Commander he personally managed a number of terrorist attacks in London. Yesterday he was interviewed by Emily Duggan from Buzzfeed News. His responses featured as lead article on their website. See for the full article. Here is an extract: