Video Enabled Evidence Booth demonstrated to VEJ programme

On 30th August 2019 the Athelney Group demonstrated our ligature free Safe Video Booth at our engineering partners, Frocester Engineering, Rooksbridge, Somerset, BS26 2UG to the Video Enabled Evidence Programme. This variant of the modular, ligature free cubicle allows a detained person to have a face-to-face video conference call with a person from a remote location, in absolute safety and privacy.

Authorities under PACE by Superintendents can be delivered from a single point in a force, directly to detainees, saving time, and cost for the force, improving the consistency of authorities by using dedicated independent Superintendents from a single point.

Detainees can also have private video consultations with their solicitors from the Safe Video Booth, speeding up time for investigators by reducing the waiting times for the arrival of legal representatives. These Cubicles are designed to link to any video conferencing network and are built on CISCO compatible equipment. Contact us on 0800 0025101 or to see how we could help you improve performance in your force.