Safe Consultation Booth - Secure Video Conferencing


Our Safe Consultation Booth (SCB) has now completed a successful evaluation by Kent Police as part of the Video Enabled Justice (VEJ) Programme. The images you can see are of the booth installed at Canterbury Police Station custody suite. The room we installed the booth into was formerly used as a consultation room, however it was neither private, nor safe, with ligature points and risks throughout. We delivered our SCB in the morning on a lorry into the station yard. We then stripped it down into the component panels and carried it, piece by piece, into the old consultation room right at the back of the custody suite. 


Once within the room, we quickly re-assembled the SCB, leaving it powered up and ready for Kent's network IT engineers to link it to the Force network for service. The whole job, from reversing into the station yard, to handing back our passes took a little over two hours, which include coffee and a sandwich! What other type of safe, ligature free room could you construct in this short time? No planning permissions, no building control, minimal fuss and no mess. Let us improve help you to improve efficiency and speed up investigations by facilitating direct and private access to legal advice direct into your custody suite.


SCB can link to an 'on call' solicitor at home or the office at any time day or night. SCB can allow an Inspector or Superintendent to deliver PACE reviews over video, without the need to travel, saving time, effort and allowing authorities to be delivered from a single point int he Force. SCB eliminates a regular criticism from HMICFRS inspectors that detainee's cannot have a truly private consultation. Visit the rest of our site for more information.