New Athelney Group Events brochure launched

The new Athelney Group 'Events' brochure has been launched and is being sent out to prospective clients.

The brochure outlines how the Athelney Group Safe Booth can be utilised at large festivals and events where sadly people break the law and cause trouble.

The Safe Booth can be hired out for event management to provide safer ways in which to detain those who present a risk to staff and the other festival goers.

Last year saw arrests at some events increase by 40%. While police often report that reported crimes are going down, this is based on people assuming that there is no point in reporting the loss of theft of their phone or other property, while many report it to another police force when they get home. Then the crime does not appear in the figures posted after the event.

The Safe Booth is a safe and secure environment to hold someone while their case is investigated. It removed staff and suspect from potential escalating conflict situations. The use of the Safe Booth means that instead of 3 to 6 security staff guarding a suspect for ages, a number of subjects held in Safe Booths can be monitored by a single member of staff. The remaining security officers returning immediately to their duties.

The Safe Booth has also been approved by the Metropolitan Police Department of Legal Services for use by police officers. The use of the Safe Booth would allow the officers time to conduct their investigations and decide an outcome. It is believed that 80% of prisoners could be dealt with on site. This would reduce the policing costs to event management as the police would require less transport and fewer custody facilities.

Please call our new contact number for more information: 0800 0025101