Met Police agree the use of the Safe Booth by police officers

The Metropolitan Police Department of Legal Services have agreed the use of the Athelney Group Safer Detention Unit now called the Safe Booth by police. This approval drives forward the exciting prospect of police officers using the Safe Booth to manage prisoners at retail centres, football ground and events across the country.

The approval includes the use of the Safe Booth by police where a private business has installed the product.

This will improve frontline police officer efficiency by 79% when they deal with prisoners on site. The performance improvement is gained by the fact that in approximately 80% of cases the prisoner will no longer need to be taken to a central Custody Suite when processing for even the simplest of crimes can take over 6 hours.

It is accepted that the Safe Booth reduces risk by safely containing a suspect while the initial investigation can take place and in many case the outcome delivered on site! Swift and safe justice.

Watch Channel 5's Oxford Street 24/7 programme to see the Athelney Group Safe Booth in action.

Please contact The Athelney Group on 0800 0025101 for further information.