The Athelney Group 'Safe Booth' features on Channel 5's "Oxford Street 24/7" documentary

The Athelney Group are excited that the Safe Booth featured extensively on the recently shown Oxford Street 24/7 a documentary following the workers who keep one of London's busiest shopping streets going.

The programme followed the police during Operation BIRD a joint private security and police opperation to target the most violent and most prolific retail crime thieves that target Oxford Street.

Over 60 police and private security were deployed for the day and over 26 arrests were made. The Safe Booth was used to hold suspects detained by private security until the police arrived to investigate. The programme featured the detention of 3 professional pickpockets late in the day when only one officer could attend.. However, the Safe Booth kept the private security safe with the suspects secure. The retail crime team completed their statements quickly and were able to hand them over to the police on arrival.
The officer was able to speak with each suspect at a time, conduct criminal record checks and question them in turn - safely.
All this is shown on camera.
Over 21 hours of police time were saved.

Please select the link below to see the Safe Booth in action.