AG Safe Booth in operation at BTP Euston Station, London

On the 1st October 2019, the British Transport Police Team at Euston installed a Safe Booth supplied by the Athelney Group. A 100% ligature free safe holding booth, the Safe Booth is modular, effectively a large piece of office furniture and is a huge leap forward in officer and public safety measures. As you can see from the images, the Safe Booth was delivered by lorry, taken apart and carried right inside the Police Offices at Euston Station and the rebuilt in a small space inside. It was fully operational in a couple of hours, taking it’s first detainee early that same afternoon.

Using Safe Booth ensures that officers and detainees remain safe whilst decisions are made regarding disposal options, freeing up officers to keep the travelling public safe as they no longer need to sit and guard or restrain detainees. The Safe Booth has 360-degree internal CCTV that records video and audio to evidential standard, meaning a person can be remotely observed while checks take place or statements are written, ensuring they are completely safe and comfortable. The full safety glass door means even people who suffer from claustrophobia can remain comfortable and protected.

The Safe Booth has been used several times a day since installation, safely holding dozens of people detained for a wide range of issues, from County Lines drug offences, through assaults on the public and police, thefts and safeguarding the many vulnerable people coming into police contact at Euston Station in a calm environment.

The Safe Booth can be bought, leased or simply rented. They are manufactured in the UK and are immediately available. Contact us for further information and let us help you make your operations safer and more cost-effective.