2 great new projects with the NHS

The Athelney Group are proud to announce two new partnership projects for the NHS. The Athelney Group have been asked to design a range of secure mental health assessment rooms. Using the patented flat pack design the Athelney Group are able to 'build' a secure room within a room. This means that previously insecure areas can made into secure spaces to protect staff and service users who may be in crisis.

The Vulnerable Person Unit will maintain the core features with the Safer Detention Unit. It will:

  • Be flat packed;
  • Have extensive use of toughened laminated glass for observation purposes and to reduce anxiety;
  • Come complete with mood lighting, a bed, a toilet and CCTV and audio recording;
  • It will be ligature free;and
  • The VPU will be powder coated in a range of calming colours.

Even though each unit will be made to order they will still be priced at less than 20% of the cost of normal construction methods and can be installed within weeks of order instead of months.


Contact The Athelney Group on 0800 0025101