We made a further presentation to the VEE Programme board at Fenchurch Street, London. This filled two visits by members to our production partners, Frocester Engineering in Rooksbridge, Somerset during the summer to see the Safe Consultation Booth in live demonstrations. The board has adopted our Booths and the first SCB has been installed at Canterbury Police station in Kent. Further development work is now moving at speed to produce an Evidence Booth for officers and a full size Virtual Court Room. 
We presented our range of products to the NPEG group, comprising representatives from all UK police forces. The product range was very well received and the chair of NPEG invited us to establish contact with all their members as a robust solution to modernising the Criminal Justice system through the Video Enabled Evidence Programme. 

On 30th August 2019 the Athelney Group demonstrated our ligature free Safe Video Booth at our engineering partners, Frocester Engineering, Rooksbridge, Somerset, BS26 2UG to the Video Enabled Evidence Programme. This variant of the modular, ligature free cubicle allows a detained person to have a face-to-face video conference call with a person from a remote location, in absolute safety and privacy.

As part of our continued development in the healthcare sector, the Athelney Group have engaged with Altro Ltd to be our preferreed supplier of wall and flooring products for our complete range of Safer Booths and Vulnerable person Rooms.

Altro is an international manufacturer of high quality flooring and wall cladding solutions.


In partnership with National Business Crime Solutions, Essex Police and the management of Intu Lakeside the Safe Booth was used at a combined retail and violent crime operation at the Lakeside shopping centre in Essex.

The Athelney Group are excited that the Safe Booth featured extensively on the recently shown Oxford Street 24/7 a documentary following the workers who keep one of London's busiest shopping streets going.

The programme followed the police during Operation BIRD a joint private security and police opperation to target the most violent and most prolific retail crime thieves that target Oxford Street.

The Athelney Group are proud to announce that their Safe Booth will be used to support a major partnership crime fighting operation in central London in March. The operation will include resources from NBCS, private security professionals from major stores, partner agencies and the police to target prolific offenders.

The Athelney Group are proud to announce that they have been invited to speak at the NBCS Member Day on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham.

Bernie Gravett will speak on "Providing Safer Workspace Solutions. Bringing Businesses and Police together resulting in improved response and performance around Business Crime".

On the 31st October Bernie Gravett was invited to take part in a high level debate on ‘Public Policing and Private Security: Shifting Relations, Future Prospects and Ethical Implications’ at the British Academy in London.

The day long event took views from experts in policing, private security and academia. The event was hosted by the N8 partnership and funded by the ESRC EU funding programme.

Bernie Gravett is a contributing author to the new publication'Using Open Data to Detect Organized Crime Threats (Factors Driving Future Crime)'

The Metropolitan Police Department of Legal Services have agreed the use of the Athelney Group Safer Detention Unit now called the Safe Booth by police. This approval drives forward the exciting prospect of police officers using the Safe Booth to manage prisoners at retail centres, football ground and events across the country.

The approval includes the use of the Safe Booth by police where a private business has installed the product.

The new Athelney Group 'Events' brochure has been launched and is being sent out to prospective clients.

The brochure outlines how the Athelney Group Safe Booth can be utilised at large festivals and events where sadly people break the law and cause trouble.

The Safe Booth can be hired out for event management to provide safer ways in which to detain those who present a risk to staff and the other festival goers.