Athelney Group chosen as provider to support private sector & policing operation

The Athelney Group are proud to announce that their Safer Detention Unit (SDU) will be used to support a major partnership crime fighting operation in central London in March. The operation will include resources from NBCS, private security professionals from major stores, partner agencies and the police to target prolific offenders.

The SDUs will form a short term holding facility, where those detained will be managed. It will test the ability of the police to process suspects on site to reduce demands on central police custody and return officers to duty faster. Police will pilot the use of body worn cameras to interview suspects at the facility, to enable them to decide on outcome on the day. These can include sending suspects straight to court from the scene of the arrest.

This is the most innovative step forward in management of volume crime suspects ever undertaken. It is hoped that this will lead to a 79% performance gain for every prisoner for the police, at the same time managing suspects in a safe and secure environment.

Please contact the Atehelney Group for more information on 0800 0025101.