AG commissioned to create a bespoke Safe Space booth for Nottinghamshire County Council HealthcareNews


Just 3 weeks ago, 28th November 2019, we were approached by the commissioning and placements team at Nottinghamshire County Council on behalf of a service user with extremely complex needs.

The challenge to provide a safe de-escalation room within the monitored living area, due to the medical conditions, safety was of paramount importance including both the protection of the service user and living area’s quality. Any additional safe space had to be completely Ligature free installed within the room but also safe for usage on the exterior. The County Council had spent significant sum’s over time, undertaking building works and repairing damage at the service users accommodation and it had become clear to them that a reliance on conventional building methods was failing to provide the very specific safe space their service user so desperately needed.

We at AG listened carefully to the challenging set of requirements and worked in partnership with the commissioning and placements team and the service users’ parents. Our aim as to develop a bespoke safe space built on our patented modular system for a fraction of traditional building cost or time. Following some outstanding development work with our partners at Frocester Engineering, Somerset and Mico Tindall high-security locks, Oldham, We are very proud to announce that the bespoke facility has now been installed, completed and fully operational in a matter of hours on 18th December 2019.

Early feedback from the service user and support team is extremely positive, the staff and parents feel this safe space is a ‘game-changer’ in a compassionate and durable form. A 100% ligature free safe space in which the service user can seclude themselves, under supervision of skilled nursing staff, when sensory overload demands it. All our rooms / booths are constructed from steel panels designed to be robust and withstand significant and sustained challenging behaviour without being damaged whilst protecting the service user within from harm.